Use An Expanded Metal Fence For Your Garden

Before you start wondering about the costs and suitability of using a specific material for your garden fence, it would be good to explore this metal option that is affordable and good on the eye. An expanded metal fence is certainly a good option for your garden, and it is an interesting fact that this material was first used by a Britisher caller John French Golding. It was he realized the potential of this form of metal, making it a favoured option for those who wished to keep spaces enclosed. This was the person who also held the patent for this particular kind of metal option since 1884. His company remains one of the global leaders in this market, to this very day. To understand how this material can be used, it is necessary to know what it is made of and why it is quite strong.

Design & Dimensions

The design of this material is the key to its strength. In reality, this particular kind of metal that s expanded is much stronger than chicken mesh or any other equivalent in weight. Since no part of the metal is actually cut, it remains quite strong. In fact, if you are not very observant, you might think that this is a sheet of metal that has been cut and stuck together – you look closer and realize that it is not so. The metal is all in one piece and you can be sure that it remains strong as a fence or even a container for some other equipment or article. Of course, it is important to give the dealer some idea of your requirement, so that he can suggest the appropriate dimensions that you could go in for. Once you are able to explore all the options and be clear about your requirement, you can surely buy the expandable metal that you require.

Multiple Shapes

Since most of the time the shape used is a diamond, this kind of fencing is also referred to as a diamond fence. There are other shapes that are used as well; these could be either squares or circles. It is important to note that apart from being aesthetically appealing, it is necessary to make sure that irrespective of the shape, the strength of the metal sheet is far more important. You will see that when you apply pressure to any part of the sheet, it does not collapse, because of the inherent design of this expandable material.

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